Who Are We?

bmb_exterior-about_03We’re Paul Leney and Kay McGinley and since opening our first shop over twenty years ago not much has changed about the way we approach our business. We continue to individually handpick every item we sell, and we choose those items with great care and deliberation. We work diligently to curate a highly personal and intriguing collection that’s driven by quality and value, choosing things we ourselves would like to live with. We look for objects that make us laugh, that we find beautiful or strange or simply useful; things that catch our eye by virtue of their color or their style or their rustic nature. HONESTLY we don’t always know what we’re looking for and often when we stumble upon a “must have” it’s over the top, but we live for that and we’ve found that every item we select for B Mango & bird, no matter how extravagant or wacky it may be, ultimately finds its rightful owner.

As time has passed our merchandise has varied with our tastes and matured as a result of our experiences, but we’ve never strayed from our commitment to sell only those items we feel strongly about. And most importantly, we still love what we do and have a blast doing it. It doesn’t get much better than that.

This online catalog has been a long-term goal and we’re thrilled to have it up and running. As in our shops, the goods you’ll see here will fluctuate depending on what we’re liking at the moment, but we’re willing to bet you’ll find what you’re looking for whether it’s a gift, a little something to bring a breath of fresh air to a tired room or even a pair of socks that makes you smile. It’s our hope that you’ll find things that charm you whether you were looking for them or not. No matter what, we hope you’ll be delighted by what you find on these pages. We look forward to hearing from you and remind you that, kickshaws rule.